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Canine Boarding - Standard Accommodations

For daycare approved dogs, all-day group play is included at no additional cost!
Our visiting dogs stay in climate-controlled, spacious indoor enclosures. Bedding, food (dry provided at no cost, wet food option available for $3/meal) and water bowls, along with plenty of TLC, are all provided by our dedicated staff.

We feature Mason Sani-Kennels in two sizes:
  • For Small / Medium Breeds: 3 ft. x 4 ft.

  • For Large Breeds: 3 ft. x 6 ft.

  • For Multiple Dogs: 5 ft. x 6 ft.

Prior to boarding, all dogs must complete a temperament test. Those that are approved for daycare will enjoy a full day of romping and socializing with other canine guests. For those that are unable to participate in daycare, dogs will be taken outside to individual enclosures or personally walked to relieve themselves several times a day. If your dog is approved for small group play only, your dog may be able to participate in group potty breaks or group playtimes (playtime charge applies). 

Your dog must complete a temperament test prior to staying overnight! 

This allows us to discuss the best care options available to your pet, whether it be daycare, small group playtimes, or Enrichment Club activities. 

Click HERE​ for more information regarding the temperament test.

The safety and security of our visiting pets is our highest priority. Therefore, we require the following canine vaccines: 




Negative fecal test (within 6 months)


We also recommend, but do not require:

Canine Influenza*

  *Both the H3N2 & H3N8 strains - ask your vet for the bivalent vaccine.

Multiple Pets Dog Boarding
Professional Staff Love Dogs

For the safety of your pet, as well as the other pets staying with us, we are unable to accept dogs younger than 12 weeks old. 

To expedite your check-in, please email or fax your vaccinations to us at:

Pricing: $55 per night. Dogs picked up after 11am on checkout day will be charged for a half day of care (except Sundays).

We offer a 10% discount for each dog boarding in the same enclosure as well as 10% off for active duty military members.  **Please note active duty and multiple dog discounts will be combined to 15%.


Playtime - 15 minute individual play session with our of our staff members. $11/session. $7.50/ additional dog.

Treadmill workout - Perfect for high-energy dogs! Varying speeds provides a good workout while also stimulating the mind. $15.00/session.

Room Service - menu varies, prices available in customer portal and at reception desk during check-in.

Bathing/Grooming - Prices are breed/coat dependent. We're happy to provide an estimate over the phone.

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