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Every pup is different! So are our training offerings! 

The Ruff House is the perfect place to train your canine companion. Our trainers focus on positive reinforcement and a fun learning experience. Choose from our group classes or one-on-one sessions to fit your schedule and needs. Let’s work together to create a healthy and happy relationship between you and your furry friend.


Train & Play

        Train & Play is a unique day training opportunity where your pup will receive two individual 30 minute training sessions during the day while spending the remaining time participating in group play (dog daycare) or completing individual enrichment activities with Ruff House staff.

        It’s an ideal fit for puppies and young dogs who want to build up to participating in open group play or dogs who might be having a hard time in daycare or at home due to poor recall, not being crate trained, not responding to handler/owner instructions, poor leash/walking manners, or other unwanted behavior such as jumping on people, rushing doors/gates, not taking treats/food gently, and excessive barking.                 Dogs with aggression or behavioral issues are not eligible for day training. Our training methods are built on positive reinforcement, canine confidence building, and owner consistency. After every Train & Play session, you will receive an electronic report card detailing how your pup did that day and have access to the trainer who worked with your pup. So much of the training process occurs at home and we want every owner to have the confidence and knowledge to continue reinforcing the work done in Train & Play.

         Each six-day package costs $360. Train & Play is available Monday through Thursday. Dogs must attend no less than every other week and reservations must be made in advance. Space is extremely limited so please speak with a receptionist to schedule your Train & Play dates today!  If you have a specific question about our Train & Play program or wonder if your dog would be a great fit for this training, please give our front desk a call at 757-251-0699 or email our Training Staff directly at!


Group Classes

        Looking for a fun and stimulating way to train your pup? Join our group classes designed for dogs of all levels. In our puppy socialization and beginner classes, we work on essential obedience skills, while our advanced classes focus on distraction and complex commands. Training in a group setting is not only an excellent way for your furry friend to socialize with other dogs, but it also helps to reinforce good behavior.


Call to learn about our current course offerings:

Puppy Class – Saturday mornings

Woof High Intermediate Training – Monday 6:30 pm

Barkvard Advanced Training – Wednesday 6:30 pm

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